To the left

A turn to the right would have taken me to coffee, but I paused … the attraction of morning brew notwithstanding. There was something about the pastel glow to the east that drew me to the left … and so it was. Once off the mountain I had a clear view of the creek and was greeted by the vista below. The time stamp on the image is 7:29 AM and the National Weather Service reported sunrise as having occurred at 7:30 AM. I didn’t have my boots with me and although we have been experiencing some snow melt during the afternoons, there was quite a bit on the side of the road and along the high bank down to the water. It was cold and I had no gloves. I could see the intensity of the colors fading quickly as I slid. When I got myself into position I realized that I was standing on a frozen mat of vegetation which had been deposited by the last high water. The substrate had the consistency of hash brown potato and moved under my weight like the surface of a quaking bog. I hoped fervently that I would not descend into the cold, though shallow, water below. Joanna will be frustrated to know that the D600 was at home and it was the Hx9V which captured this very noisy image. Don’t look too closely but please do take in the color.


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