We were a 4H family for many years and, as testimony, our attic is full of ribbons, rosettes, and trophies. During their individual tenures the kids raised swine, poultry, beef, sheep, rabbits, and goats. The only animals that remain from those Glory Days are Sultan and Sateen, Molly’s breeding pair of Black Sumatra show birds. They have very poor manners because rather than roosting in the layer house (as all good birds should) the pair has always spent their nights above the hay. Although they are only eight years old I think Sultan has been feeling his age. He must have become disoriented last night because I found him, hours before sunrise, on the ground in the middle of the driveway this morning. It was clear that he was sleeping when I picked him up to put him back on his roost. He must have been quite cold with his feet in the snow, something all chickens abhor. He and Sateen spent most of their morning warming themselves in a very sunny spot.


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