I was nearly to Buttonwood when I realized that the creek came just about to the road. I pulled over and put on my boots. There was a nice bit of whitewater running so I scrambled down the bank, got the camera out, and began with a number of wide shots. What kept catching my eye however were nicely smoothed cobbles in an adjacent rivulet. The water was cold, shallow, and very clear. I brought the viewfinder to my eye and set autofocus in motion. In an instant the cobbles were sharp so I adjusted the exposure and prepared to release the shutter. Before I could do so the autofocus changed its mind and brought the surface reflections into sharp focus. So, once again, I set the exposure. Before I could capture the shot the point of focus changed again, and then again, and then once more. ‘Enough of this nonsense,’ I thought to myself and switched off the autofocus and determined to do things the old-fashioned way. And, wouldn’t you know it … I couldn’t decide … cobbles or trees … can you?

Anyway, here’s a wider view of this pretty little feeder which flows, 25 miles south, into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.


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