Try try again

I quote from my post of January 8 … When afternoon chores were finished I drove to a large field that had attracted my attention a few days earlier. There was an old implement shed standing several hundred yards from the edge of the field … it was surrounded by trees and looked much like another shed I had photographed recently. I arrived with my super-wide lens and, in my excitement, ignored everything I knew about the convergence of parallel lines and not one of the images was any good. Well, I approached that same field yesterday with the Hx9V in tow and gave the shed another try. I was going to apologize for the absence of blue sky but I believe, in this case, the background helps tie together building and field and also sets off the textures of the tree, the building, and the field rather nicely.


29 thoughts on “Try try again

    • I thought I had seen that face before … I checked and I was right … I’ve seen your comments at Maurice’s blog! Welcome to Pairodox. I’m so glad the barn image did good things for your imagination! Mine has been stuck in neutral (if not reverse) for quite some time now. Winter has been quite unkind to us over the last few weeks and the spark of photographic creativity seems to have dimmed as a result. The post you visited appeared on this blog about a year ago. I’d be pleased if you took a look at some more recent stuff and let me know what you think. Thanks again, very much, for your your interest. All the best. D

      • It’s a pleasure – and I’ll be sure to pop in to check out your other stuff. I love learning about other people’s parts of the world through words and pictures. Your sleuthing was correct – I love Maurice’s blog, especially the travelogues he does around his neck of the woods and, because I’m a support teacher of children with special educational needs, his series on distance learning has been fascinating, even though some of the technical stuff goes right over my head!
        Look forward to seeing more of your photography and learning a bit about Pennsylvania šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Liana. Many photographers claim influence from one source or another. When I consider an image I don’t believe I have outside influence (perhaps I am simply unaware of it). Because each scene is unique each is treated as such. When I stopped and looked through the viewfinder on this particular day I didn’t have Wyeth in the back of my mind (although I do know of and admire his work very much). I simply saw logic and beauty in the construction represented by the objects themselves, their relative position in the field, and the colors (and lack thereof). Thanks for your observation, for checking in, and for taking the time to comment – all are much appreciated. D

  1. It’s already been said but I’ll add my admiration for this picture, too … if you ever select any to enlarge for framing, I want one! The composition and color are unmatched.

    • Thanks Leanne. I heard on the morning news here that Sydney hit an all-time high temperature yesterday. I hope you’re doing AOK in the heat. Hang in there. I’d gladly trade temperatures in the high teens and lots of wind making it seem much colder … for what you’ve got … for a day at least. When I take the camera out on days like today and then bring it into the warm house, moisture condenses onto all the class surfaces! Yikes. D

    • As always … you’ve boosted my ego and made my day. Thanks for giving me the energy needed to go out in the cold to do morning chores. [I can see the horses standing outside the barn … their way of telling me I’m late with their breakfast. Gotta go.] D

  2. This is such a beautiful photo … I love, love, love it šŸ™‚ and I agree the white sky adds to the atmosphere … and where is that mysterious white track leading us? Great photo.

    • Hey … breathofgreenair … thanks for the visit and the enthusiastic comment. I just dropped by breathofgreenair and was delighted with your recent post describing those very old windows. Nice job. I quickly scrolled through and saw lots that I liked … will be back. Keep up the good work. D

    • Pretty much. Thanks for keeping up with the daily posts … they should slow down once school starts back up. DD was CLOSED the other morning … water main break. Couldn’t believe it … went across the street to Micky D’s … didn’t even come close.

      • I know what you mean. On the very infrequent days when I can’t get my DD, the day just isn’t the same. Mickey D’s is certainly better then Starbucks or ** gasp** instant, but still, in a perfect world. I’m drinking a medium sized DD with 2 creams 365 days/year.

  3. Oh, m’god! Andrew Wyeth lives! Stunning and amazing. I think you’ve got something here.

    • “Got something …” Nope … just another 435 kilobytes of digital information that a few folks will click on and that’ll be that. Bloggers don’t never got ‘nothin. Alas. D

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! You’re capturing perfection – love your compositions, Dave, and the quality. Something like this is waiting for me to grab it down the road …’cept a certain teenager has the good camera for her photography class all of the time and so my cellphone doesn’t quite do it justice. Either I’ll grab it on the weekend or one of these days we’ll have two good cameras around here (which may happen if the one camera goes to college!).

    • Hey … whose camera is it anyway? Some things (like Mom’s blog) should take priority. I’m glad you liked this image … I’m looking forward to yours. It’ll be instructive to see how you treat the subject. D

      • šŸ™‚ We share around here – we’ll see whose camera it is when she’s off to college! She has done some amazing work this past semester, some great Stop Motion stuff .. I’ve enjoyed it very much. But yes, my own blog, it has suffered a bit!

    • I’ll take that as a very nice complement! Thanks very much. Next time you’re driving south on 64, take a look off to the right … in the field behind Stover’s sub shop! Yup … that’s it! Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to boost my ego! D

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