Misty day

The bridge below is the very same lenticular ‘silver’ bridge that I have written about before. I passed by it on my way home from town this morning. We are experiencing something of a January thaw and as I write the thermometer reads 45ºF, more than 10 degrees above our average high for this date. When moisture rises from the cold ground to meet the relatively warm air, mists form and these sink to collect in the tributary creeks and streams of the nearby Susquehanna river. I should note that this image was not desaturated and that the colors render here as they presented themselves through the viewfinder.


14 thoughts on “Misty day

  1. The shot is definitely loaded with atmosphere reminiscent of the famous scene from The Third Man in which Joseph Cotten hangs from the side a ferris wheel. Nothing like good old mist for dramatic affect.

  2. Made for tricky driving for early road warriors, I bet! Every time I drive south on 81 over the Susquehanna, it has been socked in with fog. Such a beautiful photo, I like the shadowy trees in the background.

    • Thanks. You’ve got a good eye. Joanna said I should be careful not to crop those trees out of the final image – I guess she was right. The only thing worse than driving in fog is driving in fog in the dark. That’s what we were up against last evening after dinner with good friends (my best buddy Doug prepared pig stomach … a favorite Pennsylvania Dutch recipe that I’d been looking forward to for some time). These complaints make me sound, more and more, like one of those ‘old people.’ Argh! D

    • Thanks. The weather was not cooperating and wasn’t going to allow for and eye-candy-type images … so we went for geometric drama instead … glad you liked it. D

    • Hey Kyle … I did take a look at ipadphotolog and was very impressed. You mentioned at some point that you had been experimenting with a new camera. To be clear … are all the images posted there taken with an iPad or was there a transition somewhere along the line? D

      • Well there really was no smooth transition. Every photograph was edited and posted to wordpress from my iPad, however some photographs were taken by the iPad and others were taken with this new camera (which isn’t mine, so it’s a time sensitive deal. Also, since my iPad goes with me everywhere I still end up taking just as many pictures with it as I do the lug-of-a-camera I am currently borrowing. Thanks for asking though! Glad you took an interest enough to check out my blog.

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