A season of different color

I believe that most of us living in higher latitudes would say that winter is the season most lacking in visual interest. The landscapes are cold and sunlight is in short supply. Deciduous trees lose their color and most other plants retreat beneath the soil so that all we can see of what was once green, living, and prolific is now drawn, twisted, and crisped. There is little evidence of life in the shallows of moving water and anything that might stir in the darkened depths of a pond is locked away beneath a blanket of ice. I suppose, if you had asked me a year ago, I would have agreed that winter was indeed a season with little artistic merit or interest. This WordPress photoblog celebrates its one year anniversary today. To date 288 posts have been published and these have drawn from a media library which currently contains 812 images. My Mother may have to correct me but I believe that she and my Dad gave me my first serious camera (a Nikkormat EL) while I was still in grade school. My Dad had always been a photography enthusiast and saw to it that I had a fully equipped darkroom by the time I was in high school. When I entered college I was a serious underwater photographer and had dreams of following in the footsteps of National Geographic photographer David Doubilet. Alas, we all know too well how contingent the twists and turns of life can be and that very few of us are lucky enough to ultimately pursue those Walter Mitty plans formulated at a time when the realities of life are unknown to us. My life has taken a very different path and I hadn’t thought about photography for a very long time until the inception of this blogging project. Since then my interest in photography has rekindled. The images below are my way of showing you that I have relearned what I knew long ago … that there is color, texture, and interest in everything if you simply take the time to look. The winter season is far from colorless, much to the contrary. That’s not to say that the winter palette of color does not differ from those of other seasons. It certainly does. One has to learn to see these different colors and to appreciate what are perhaps less obvious textures. Once you can do this you will revel in endless possibility.

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