We are bringing one of our ewe lambs to a sheep-to-shawl competition next week and needed to get her into the barn to allow her fleece time to dry. I ran out of straw over summer and needed a few bales as bedding for this girl and a friend that we thought we’d bring in as well to keep her company. I gave a buddy a call and asked if he had any square-baled straw. He said he did. He was out and about and told me to drop by the barn and take what I needed. I drove down to the farm, parked the truck and walked around back. It took me a few minutes to find my way to the mow and when I did I tossed down ten bales. As I made my way back to the truck something caught my eye … the barking dogs kept me moving right along however. I loaded the bales and started the truck. Before I left I thought I’d drive around back and as I did what had caught me eye earlier caught it once more. It would appear that a bull had been dispatched some time ago and the fresh skull had been set on a large fence post. My guess is that the animal had some significance beyond its freezer-filling potential and the owner wanted the skull as a remembrance or as a conversation piece. It had been set out to dry in the prevailing breeze. Indeed.


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