We are bringing one of our ewe lambs to a sheep-to-shawl competition next week and needed to get her into the barn to allow her fleece time to dry. I ran out of straw over summer and needed a few bales as bedding for this girl and a friend that we thought we’d bring in as well to keep her company. I gave a buddy a call and asked if he had any square-baled straw. He said he did. He was out and about and told me to drop by the barn and take what I needed. I drove down to the farm, parked the truck and walked around back. It took me a few minutes to find my way to the mow and when I did I tossed down ten bales. As I made my way back to the truck something caught my eye … the barking dogs kept me moving right along however. I loaded the bales and started the truck. Before I left I thought I’d drive around back and as I did what had caught me eye earlier caught it once more. It would appear that a bull had been dispatched some time ago and the fresh skull had been set on a large fence post. My guess is that the animal had some significance beyond its freezer-filling potential and the owner wanted the skull as a remembrance or as a conversation piece. It had been set out to dry in the prevailing breeze. Indeed.


8 thoughts on “PG-13

  1. This is part of farm living. When you have a blog it should encompass the beautiful as well as that which might make one cringe. I think the image has great texture and I love the angle it’s taken at. Highly original. It actually reminds me of the Abominable Snowman from Frosty the Snowman!

    • It’s funny you should mention the Abominable Snowman (spelling was correct … he’s an abomination). Just today I was driving through town and someone had a plywood cutout of him in their front yard. As I drove by I knew the character was familiar but I absolutely could not place it. What a coincidence. Quite freaky. Thanks for the positive critique as well. D

    • I’m sorry to have read your response to my post Heather. I must say that I had some misgivings about publishing the image. My initial instinct was not to use the image and then I thought that to be true to the intent of this blog I should. I have chosen to blog about ‘sustainable living in rural Pennsylvania.’ Whether you and I agree with the practice or not the fact is that lots and lots of folks raise their own food and slaughter is one part of that process. I thought folks would be able to understand that, in an academic sense, and then perhaps see beyond that to the colors and textures in the photo. Forgive me if the post upset you. I’ll see if I can work on something more appealing today. Thanks for your input though. D

      • Oh please do not apologize! I understand what your blog is about. I’m super sensitive when it comes to nature and animals. It’s just me personally and has nothing to do with you or anyone that chooses to live this kind of life style. Honestly, I would much rather know that people are doing this to survive and provide for their families than killing for hobby or sport. You did not offend me, I completely understand.

        • Thanks very much for putting my mind at ease. I was genuinely worried that I had offended you. Please click in to the following link to a post I made several months ago about this very important issue. [] I would be very interested to know your reaction. Thanks for your understanding and for bringing your important opinion to my attention. Have a great day. Dave

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