Cool sculpture

It is not our practice to do much on New Year’s Eve save make our annual pilgrimage to take in the festivities of First Night State College. In particular we very much enjoy watching the creation of ice sculptures from raw blocks as they are taken off the trucks through to finished pieces on display. As part of the larger celebration the local side streets are closed to traffic and turned into a bustling combination of studio, gallery, circus, bistro, and bazaar. We attend in the early afternoon with mostly family groups. The highlight for them is the Russian Ice Slide which organizers construct in a local park … much to the delight of the smallest of lugers. Although we both partake of too much Kettle Corn, cooked on the spot … what we enjoy most is the relaxed feeling among the adults and the demonstrations of excitement and delight among the kids. Bells of all description are set about as just one of a number of different sorts of Resolution Sculptures which allow everyone to ring in the New Year. All of these visual and interactive pieces of art, as well events including a 5k run and skating parties, are sponsored by both the Pennsylvania State University and by a number of local businesses.

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