I know of two uses for the term chimera. In myth the chimera is a lion with a second head of a goat and a tail ending in a snake’s head. In biology a chimera is an organism which is made up of two cell lines distinguished by their DNAs. [The human chimera is a fascinating phenomenon and usually involves the incorporation of one conjoined twin by its sibling.] On a trip through a bit of New York State this unusual chimera caught my eye. After passing it I made a mental note to stop and investigate on the return trip – and so we did. I’m no expert of Chevy classics but I’m sure this was a beauty in its day. I wonder what became of its front end?


12 thoughts on “Chimera

  1. Looks wonderful Dave, I love the colours as well, the blue against nature, the car being so unnatural with the sharp contrast of nature all around. Great work.

    • Thanks. I liked it too. I agree that the contrast between the auto and ‘nature’ worked well. You’re lucky with your 300S … the D600 only allows 3 HDR images to be taken in sequence! Also … it only allows 3 multiple exposures to be taken on a single frame. I hate to complain – but what was Nikon thinking? I have no explanation as to why they couldn’t have allowed 3, 5, 7, or 9 HRD images to be taken in sequence (like your 300S) – what logic could there be to only allowing 3? Go figure! Sheesh. D

  2. What an original and clever observation. Your inventiveness knows no bounds. This is terrific.

    • Your observations are like critiques from the more experienced artist. I take them seriously and rely on you to always be objective. If something is less than up-to-the-usual standard – say so – otherwise, how can the apprentice improve? D

    • Thanks Tammy. I have been meaning to respond to one or another of your more recent posts. No good excuse for not having done so. I especially enjoyed the most recent post which showed your family home for the Holidays. That’s nice. Our girls are just a bit older and are having to divide their Holiday-time-off in various, new, ways. One is in Switzerland with her husband’s family and the other shared us with the family of her partner who is from Connecticut. So it’s been unusually quite … and ‘hearing’ the joy and bustle which were expressed in your images was nice. We too are now snow-covered. We had enough of the awful stuff yesterday that I had to put the chains and the plow on the John Deere this morning – ugh. I don’t like snow one-little-bit. Please enjoy a very Happy New Year and thanks very much for all of your support as a fellow blogger this year. Here’s to more thoughtful words and pleasant images in 2013. D

  3. Where did you see that beauty of a car? Wonder why the owner left it out in the elements? Hope you didn’t have trouble getting around in all that snow. It does make for some grand scenery though.

    • We passed this on our way to Ithaca the other day. We flew by on our way northward and we were in too much of a rush to stop. We kept an eye out for it on the way home. It was on the main road just outside of Elmira. Snow from the most recent storm didn’t arrive until the following morning – thank goodness. We had enough that I had to hitch the chains and the snow plow to the John Deere this morning to clear the driveway. I hate snow – I really do. My DD run was postponed until nearly 10AM – horrors. D

      • If I know there is snow forecast for the next day, I will actually get my coffee the day before and just zap it in the microwave the next morning! Priorities are priorities. We have a big Toro snow blower and Bruce HATES it. He prefers to kill himself shoveling. I am the one who knows how to start the thing. It’s too heavy for me to maneuver myself and right now one of the tires needs some air. If it’s not a blizzard, I will help him shovel. If it’s really bad, I threaten him and he HAS to oblige. BTW, that car reminded me of “Back to the Future”!

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