Outside looking in, inside looking out

I almost titled this post Serendipity. I had just returned from my habitual run for morning coffee when I realized I had let the big wood stove go cold overnight and it needed to be rekindled. As I entered the living room I looked out the front door and down to the pond … it was 7:20 AM. The sun was just about to rise and the clouds above treeline to the south had been set aglow. I got my camera and headed out to grab a few photos. On my way back to the house I noticed the colors of the sunrise (now behind me) were reflected in the glass of the front door. I sat on the porch and squeezed off a number of frames. I was playing with focus. In a number of images I chose to focus on the wooden parts of the door and in others I switched the camera to manual to sharpen the clouds and the tree. I had taken nearly thirty frames when, all of a sudden, Rugen stood up against the door to see what I was doing. Rugen is a polydachtyl (also known as an American Polydactyl or a Hemingway cat) and has multiple toes on three of his four paws. He has 23 toes in all when cats and dogs normally have 18 … 10 in the front and 8 in the back. He manages just fine although the polydactyl state makes for some interesting sessions with the nail clipper.


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