Outside looking in, inside looking out

I almost titled this post Serendipity. I had just returned from my habitual run for morning coffee when I realized I had let the big wood stove go cold overnight and it needed to be rekindled. As I entered the living room I looked out the front door and down to the pond … it was 7:20 AM. The sun was just about to rise and the clouds above treeline to the south had been set aglow. I got my camera and headed out to grab a few photos. On my way back to the house I noticed the colors of the sunrise (now behind me) were reflected in the glass of the front door. I sat on the porch and squeezed off a number of frames. I was playing with focus. In a number of images I chose to focus on the wooden parts of the door and in others I switched the camera to manual to sharpen the clouds and the tree. I had taken nearly thirty frames when, all of a sudden, Rugen stood up against the door to see what I was doing. Rugen is a polydachtyl (also known as an American Polydactyl or a Hemingway cat) and has multiple toes on three of his four paws. He has 23 toes in all when cats and dogs normally have 18 … 10 in the front and 8 in the back. He manages just fine although the polydactyl state makes for some interesting sessions with the nail clipper.


10 thoughts on “Outside looking in, inside looking out

  1. Rugen is wondering if he’ll freeze all his toes outside today. Don’t do it, Rugen! Curling up under the woodstove is a much better choice.

    • Rest assured that Rugen was warm and snug. Funny story … we thought something was really wrong with Mr. Darcy yesterday. He was agitated and unable to relax. He usually spends the entire day at Joanna’s feet as she goes about the business of the day … but not yesterday. He was up, on all fours, all day long. He just wouldn’t, or couldn’t, relax. He was bright and in no discomfort … but just wasn’t right. Joanna had a big bowl of goose soup warming on the stove all day. At dinner Darcy was on deck looking for handouts – which he received. But he still wasn’t at ease. When dinner was over there was just a bit of the soup remaining which I put into the refrigerator. Then I cleaned the big bowl which the soup had been warming. As soon as that was cleaned (and the smell of goose was thereby removed from the kitchen) Darcy CRASHED in a major way – he went comatose – didn’t wake up until this morning – he was exhausted. He’s fine today. We have concluded that the aroma of goose kept him on ‘high alert’ for handouts all day long! He didn’t want to relax or take a nap for fear of missing out on delicious handouts. He had a severe case of Goose-soup-osis. D

  2. Gorgeous texture and color – what a moment. We have a polydactyl as well – her name is “Wasabi” – she’s black as night, long haired with huge wasabi-colored eyes. And she’s a pistol! I really like Rugen’s white marking, currently fending off a kitten climbing on my fingers while I type – thank you for the morning view!

    • We both know who’s the professional here (you) and who’s the wanna-be (me)! Every time you make a specific comment (this time on composition) I am especially grateful … you’re in critique-mode, and that’s good cause it tells me I’m going in the right direction! [Please, if ever anything strikes your as awful or overdone – please tell me. No hurt feelings, I promise.] Thanks very much Leanne. Hey … I got hold of Lightbox and am gonna give it a whorl. Played with it a bit last night and could only find adjustment sliders … no selection tools. I wanna be able to do that crazy kind of selection you did several weeks ago when you selected a whole section of concrete sidewalk and replaced it with a seemless continuation of the adjacent water – I think it was. Anyway … will search for selection tools this evening. I’m wondering whether I’m gonna have to get the full version of Photoshop or whether Lightbox will suffice? Keep this nice images coming … and … when’s the next video lesson? D

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