Duck, duck, goose

The twenty-somethings arrived from New Hampshire on Tuesday evening. We gave them a day to recover from the drive and then put them to work. Although Joanna had the meals planned, she thought it would be nice to allow our guests their choice for the evening meal on the Solstice. They chose duck (Roast Duck with Bing Cherry Sauce – to be specific). Here on the farm if you order up duck it’s your obligation to do your part. Early this morning we got the cauldron out, filled it with water, and set a fire under it. An hour later we rounded up two drakes and dressed them for dinner. [Language is a funny thing. When we say dress we usually mean to put on clothes … in the particular case of food preparation however dress means to prepare for the table via the removal of clothing – in the particular case of fully feathered poultry that is. Thanks Tammy for drawing my attention to this.] Because poultry processing requires lots of preparation and cleanup, and because Joanna and I were planning on goose for our Christmas dinner, we dressed a single gander as well. The image below, blurred to protect the squeamish, is proof that many hands make for light work … especially when plucking poultry. Thus the name of the traditional children’s game and the title of this post … duck, duck, goose.


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