The y

Many of my mornings begin with a visit to the local YMCA. I know it does not open until five but I am always early (look closely and you will see that the clock reads 4:48). The courthouse is just down the street and I appreciate how its tower is illuminated. I made myself a promise, several weeks ago, that I would bring the DSLR and a tripod to town one morning to photograph this landmark. It rained hard over night and heavy mists had formed by morning. As I passed the courthouse it looked particularly nice … light from the tower and from the lanterns along the street dispersed into the thick blanket of moisture which lay over the city. Although I did not bring the DSLR along I did have the Hx9V in the glove box. I was shooting an HDR series when it occurred to me that the halos of illuminated mist were getting larger with each shot. It was then that I realized that my lens was dripping with mist – and that was the end of that. Forgive the noise – sometimes it’s more about the subject than it is about the quality of rendition.


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