The y

Many of my mornings begin with a visit to the local YMCA. I know it does not open until five but I am always early (look closely and you will see that the clock reads 4:48). The courthouse is just down the street and I appreciate how its tower is illuminated. I made myself a promise, several weeks ago, that I would bring the DSLR and a tripod to town one morning to photograph this landmark. It rained hard over night and heavy mists had formed by morning. As I passed the courthouse it looked particularly nice … light from the tower and from the lanterns along the street dispersed into the thick blanket of moisture which lay over the city. Although I did not bring the DSLR along I did have the Hx9V in the glove box. I was shooting an HDR series when it occurred to me that the halos of illuminated mist were getting larger with each shot. It was then that I realized that my lens was dripping with mist – and that was the end of that. Forgive the noise – sometimes it’s more about the subject than it is about the quality of rendition.


12 thoughts on “The y

  1. Took me a minute to recognize this … it looks so sinister at 5am. I was going to mention Sherlock Holmes but I see someone else beat me to it! And kudos on the fitness discipline, that’s impressive 🙂

  2. My mistake. I was thinking of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles, perhaps?

  3. Love how you captured two kinds of light during the dark, dreary early morning. Do you get up every day without an alarm? Does coffee come before or after your visit to the “Y”?

    • The alarm is set for 4 … get to the Y by 5 … and then DD by 6. Tried whole milk in the coffee for a week and couldn’t take it … I’m now back to cream. Quality of Life is a serious issue when determining what goes in the morning coffee … but, you know that.

  4. You are a master of a mood. Super. There’s a story in that image … but I’m sure Robert Louis Stevenson already wrote it.

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