A new look

This Pairodox Farm blog has a new look as of late yesterday evening. The decision to adopt this new theme, Nishita, was motivated by a desire to improve the way in which images are presented here. The theme used since the inception of this blog, and which I still like quite well, is called Photography.  Although Photography and Nishita are both rendered in two columns (one for images and text and the other for widgets, which allow for things like indexing and the presentation of various aspects of blog traffic), Nishita allows for much larger images while retaining the two-column format. Images posted before the migration to Nishita are scaled in a way which allowed them to present well in Photography – forgive me if these don’t present quite as well in Nishita, I have no intention of reformatting them for appropriate presentation here. Also, excuse the time it may take to ascend the learning curve which Nishita presents.  So then …  here’s to a new look. D

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