A new look

This Pairodox Farm blog has a new look as of late yesterday evening. The decision to adopt this new theme, Nishita, was motivated by a desire to improve the way in which images are presented here. The theme used since the inception of this blog, and which I still like quite well, is called Photography.  Although Photography and Nishita are both rendered in two columns (one for images and text and the other for widgets, which allow for things like indexing and the presentation of various aspects of blog traffic), Nishita allows for much larger images while retaining the two-column format. Images posted before the migration to Nishita are scaled in a way which allowed them to present well in Photography – forgive me if these don’t present quite as well in Nishita, I have no intention of reformatting them for appropriate presentation here. Also, excuse the time it may take to ascend the learning curve which Nishita presents.  So then …  here’s to a new look. D

7 thoughts on “A new look

    • Thanks Leanne. I’ve told you before … positive comments from you always make my day. Glad you like the new look. I’ve told others that making the change took some courage. I didn’t want to rock the boat … you know. But, surprisingly, Photography wasn’t doing a great job with my images … or, at least, I didn’t think it was. I follow Patrick Latter (hikingphoto.com … I think) here at WordPress and have always thought his presentation was nice. So, I follow his lead (no hiking pun intended). Anyway … I’m liking how it looks. And you know, WordPress makes making the move pretty darn easy. Just a few adjustments and I’m back up and running. Have a great day. And, by the way, congratulations on all the awards and the writeup you mentioned in your most resent post. You’re becoming pretty darn well known … and, dare I say, famous! D

    • Thanks. It took a finite amount of time to work my courage up to making the move. You know how it is … you get used to something … and very comfortable. The thought of doing things differently was daunting. But, you know, WordPress is set up in such a way that moving themes in this way isn’t a big deal at all. Just a bit of adjusting here and there and you’re back up and running. The difficulty is that there are just so many themes from which to choose. I’m pleased that you think Nishita is working for Pairodox. Have a great day.

  1. I like the new format! Also a mysterious box arrived in the mail today, with three of four inner items wrapped. Am I supposed to wait until a specific day to open them up???

  2. You are brave to tackle something new and not just rest on your laurels with the old format with which you were comfortable. Good luck!

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