Jacksonville road

Because this blog is mostly about images which document our lives here in central Pennsylvania, finding time to be out-and-about the countryside is important. I am not a photographer by vocation and finding time for photo-expeditions in-between work off-the-farm and work on-the-farm can be difficult and requires a good skill-set in logistics. One Saturday, back in October, we put the dog in the back of the car and grabbed some coffee. We drove the main road south for about an hour and then found our way home by filtering back along small country roads. We didn’t have much luck on that particular day but did make a few stops. Just as we were about to segue back to the main road, and right before a beautiful little trout hatchery, we stopped at this abandoned farmhouse. I really enjoy these old structures and wished I had both the money and the time to restore each one. Most are solidly built, designed for efficiency of use, and have visual appeal as well. In some respects these old homes were just as much tools to be worked, cared for, and enjoyed as any piece of farm equipment. And what’s wrong with that? I cannot begin to understand the McMansion and what would motivate a person to build one. If one claims that a home is a simple extension of individual personality, so be it. But this cannot be the case for all of those who lived at the turn-of-the-century when most of these now-aging structures were first erected. Were folks really so different back then? No, I do not think so – but the world certainly was.


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