Although the recent holiday celebrations included lots of travel, cooking, eating, clean-up, and more travel, it also included a good bit of relaxing and spending time with the best of friends and family. I know that there is comfort in routine but the current work-week has reminded me how important taking time to reconnect can be. You may be fooled into thinking that the women below were simply knitting when I took this picture during our Thanksgiving break. They were not, or at least that is not all they were doing. Those who have watched the original Star Trek series will, no doubt, remember the Mind Meld. To those unfamiliar with this most Vulcan of capacities, a mind meld …  is a technique for sharing thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge with another individual. It usually requires physical contact with a subject, though instances of mind melds without contact have been seen. So in addition to knitting these two, via their communicating elbows, are sharing without speaking, thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge gained since their last visit. And you  know, the funny thing is that I’m only half joking … these two dear friends do indeed communicate, deeply, without words and often across long distances.

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