Pennsylvania bayou

While browsing my last few posts it struck me that I comment, more often than not, on the light which illuminates my subjects. The scene below adds yet another sort of light to the palette presented by this photoblog. An early morning trip to town took us along the river. Though our daytime temperatures have been mild this week, they dipped into the twenties overnight on Saturday. Thick mists were rising from the river by morning and as soon as we drove off the mountain we were enshrouded. On our return trip we stopped to look at foliage which clung stubbornly to trees growing along the river bank. The leaves reminded me of powdered donuts, they were covered with thin layers of delicate crystal which had formed when the mists struck their chilled surfaces. Even before we got back into the truck this sugar-coating dissolved under the influence of the first bits of warmth to penetrate the gloom. Although the term bayou is perhaps the very last that I would use to describe the Susquehanna, and although I have never actually seen a bayou, this is, to my mind’s eye, what one looks like. The person sitting across the table from me says it makes her think of Brigadoon.

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