Although this image looks very much like one posted the other day under the title Day’s End it was taken about five miles away, as the crow flies. I had traveled to the Number One Reservoir, on Chatham Run, on behalf of a gentleman from New York who had responded to my post concerning the homestead of Colonel John Chatham. It was my intention to drive to the reservoir, jump out of the truck, grab the photo, and then get back to the farm. I positioned myself next to a railing near a small waterfall which formed at the outflow of the reservoir. Had I been observing an eclipse I would have said that I arrived at the moment of totality. In this case the particular co-occurrences were very different. The breeze yielded to resolve dramatic reflections. Although the sun was high enough to illuminate the wood to my right, the hill to my left cast dramatic shadow. Just enough fall foliage lay on the ground to provide a light blush of color to contrast with the resident Pines. Although this view doesn’t show it, the water was crystal clear and the sun was strong enough to penetrate the depths to reveal the cobbled bottom of the impoundment. I felt fortunate for the experience. As I hefted myself back into the truck I felt as if I had somehow gotten away with something. I had stolen the moment … captured and hidden it in my camera. Here … I will share it with you.

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