Steel truss bridge

Because we frequent our local rail trail often I have posted about it on several occasions. The first time I posted about the trail the topic of discussion was the inception of this WordPress blog. The second time I posed a gallery of images taken during a winter walk. On a third occasion I simply posted images of shadows cast by one of three steel truss railroad bridges which span the creek. We visited the trial again this past Friday. We were anticipating rain on Monday so just before participating in a sheep-to-shawl practice on Sunday we took the time for a quick 10 miles on the bike. We crossed the bridge below at just the right time to catch the rising sun as it mingle with morning mists moving through the distant wood. I liked the resulting image and thought you might as well.

7 thoughts on “Steel truss bridge

    • Thanks. I liked it too .. though I’m afraid that folks are going to get tired of seeing the same old sights. I’ve got to find a way to expand my photographic horizons. D

    • Yup … I thought it was a nice shot. I’m a bit concerned that my photographic horizons are a bit narrow … I need another excuse to travel westward. How soon until Audrey’s high school graduation?

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