The sheep have been out in their breeding groups for just over a month. Woodruff, below, has been assigned the largest group of girls and has been very busy. Siegfried, our younger ram, is out with far fewer ewes, and is doing his best. Shetland ewes are quite dainty while rams tend to be buff indeed. Shortly after shearing last spring I posted an image of Pairodox Henry. It’s not that I overly concern myself with expressions of appreciation received in response to these posts but I was surprised that Henry received a solitary like and two comments (both of which came from folks who raise sheep themselves). I tried not to take it personally and told myself that the lack of interest indicated that few bloggers were living in close proximity to animals (other than cat and dogs, of course) or, if they were, they simply didn’t have much of an appreciation of ovine form. Be this as it may I could not resist posting this image. You can see that our pastures are in very good shape. By this time last year we were already feeding hay because the pastures had long since dried and were in very poor condition. If this wet, mild, weather pattern keeps up we are likely to have open ground with plenty of green grass until Christmas. The longer we can hold onto the hay the more of a surplus we’ll have come spring. Hay in the loft is like money in the bank. The nights have been cold and I will be installing tank heaters in all of the water troughs this weekend. In another week or so we will separate the breeding groups. The rams will be separated, at some distance, from the ewes and the long wait for lambs will then begin.

15 thoughts on “GQ

  1. Very handsome indeed! I grew up not far from his birthplace. He looks like he would be nice to cuddle, but I’m guessing that is not the case.

    • OMG (as the students would say) … it’s you! Wow! Thanks for the visit and the comment! No, rams aren’t the most cuddly of farm animals. Nice to look at from a distance but not to be messed with (unless, of course, you happen to be a ewe). D

    • This guy came to us, as a lamb, from Montrose, PA. It’s the closest place that’s got good Shetland stock and is enrolled the Federal Scrapie Program. To keep from lowering our flock status we can only take on animals from others who are certified. There was a time when we were a bit concerned that his horns weren’t going to clear his face – but, of course, they have. Thanks for taking time from your busy day to write. D

    • Yes … we do get snow here in Pennsylvania during the winter months. My sister lives in Massachusetts and reports that the have had snow their today. Thankfully we were just cold – no snow yet. Whether we get snow or not we will need to feed hay for some portion of the winter. That’s what all the hay making posts (over summer) were about. I’ve been so frustrated lately … between work and the poor weather I’ve got nothing to post! Argh! D

  2. Woodruff is indeed a lovely specimen! Looking at his expression, you wonder what he’s thinking! Is your lovely green grass covered with snow tonight? We have about 2 inches and Bruce is out shoveling! Could be a long winter.

    • I thought I had replied to this … ! No …. no snow yet – thank goodness. I’m not ready for snow yet. It is cold however. They say the weekend will be clear – I’ll believe it when I see it. Woodruff has pretty bad manners. If it’s possible for a dog to be ‘cowed’ by a ram … then so be it. The poor dogs have been spending the better part of the last month at the distant reaches of the pasture. Woodruff finds great pleaseure in roughing them up. I think Joanna I and will put him back into time-out over the weekend. What do they say … “Handsome is as handsome does.” Thanks for taking the time to comment. D

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