Five minutes

Ever since hurricane Sandy passed by us a week ago (and for a full week before her arrival) we’ve had some pretty unpleasant weather … clouds, rain, a bit of wet snow, and more clouds. Temperatures haven’t risen much out of the 40s and I can’t remember the last time we’ve seen the sun. I had just set myself down at the kitchen table, after a lengthy session of evening chores, when Joanna motioned out the window to the north. I quickly put on my boots, grabbed my Sony Hx9V (I didn’t want to take the time to grab the D600), and ran. The setting sun was peeking through cloud-cover to illuminate the treeline to the east. I’ve commented before on those times of the day that photographers refer to as the Magic Hours … the half hours just before and just after sunrise … and those just before and just after sunset. Photographer Ron Bigelow has provided a nice discussion of why these times lend themselves so nicely to colorful, often dramatic, photos. When I finally got myself outside I was treated to a treeline that had been set aglow. You can see in the image that the most intense rays were focused on the few trunks just right-of-center. As the sun fell below the horizon the illuminating beam swept rapidly southward through the woods. Although the recent rains and winds had joined forces to remove the last of the fall foliage the exposed barked surfaces reflected the intense light in a way that gave the impression the trees were still wearing their coats of autumn color. The cloud layer was not uniform, the wisps collected as if their fuller volumes had been gathered by an invisible string. It was a brief, though glorious, very few moments.

9 thoughts on “Five minutes

  1. So beautiful! The trees look like they have been called to attention and are themselves witnessing something beautiful. Incredible lighting.

  2. Wow, and I thought the Flame Trees of Thika were only in Africa. By the way, the prose is as good as the photography. Way to go.

  3. The golden reds of this photo really warm me up on this COLD night. It’s in the 30’s and feels like winter!

  4. Love how vibrant the trees are 🙂 Great shot, I would’ve liked to see the full length version also but perhaps there was something that made you point up instead 🙂

    • Hey Bashar … thanks for the comment. I angled the camera up because I wanted to include the gathering clouds. The Sony Hx9V also has a panoramic mode and I tried several shots using it. They were nice but didn’t seem as saturated as the image I decided to post. The light was really amazing. I really enjoy the saturated light cast by the late afternoon sun. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. I’ll have to quickly drop in an take a look at 2riversphotos. D

      • No worries about checking out my blog … if you have the time thats great if not I totally understand … it won’t take away from the fact that the image is great 🙂

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