Chatham’s lock

I mentioned in my previous post that I had visited some ruined locks on Chatham Run. The run is the namesake of Colonel John Chatham who came to Pennsylvania from England in 1769. He was a military man and led the militia whose charge it was to protect settlers in the area during the Revolution. After the war Chatham built a mill as part of his farming operation. The Colonel’s property was sold in 1818 and the mill was restored shortly thereafter; it still exists and I posted its image some time ago. After the event described in my previous post, the current owner of the Colonel’s home and I engaged in conversation about ongoing restoration efforts. At one point he asked about my interest in the locks. Our discussion then took a turn and we never came back to the issue of the stone work. I can imagine that it would have been an easy matter to move materials between the river and the mill, which are separated by a distance of about a quarter-mile, via a communicating waterway created by the lock. Unfortunately no vestige of the water gates remain to know for sure how they may have been designed. I thought however that the gracefully curved stone walls, now overgrown, made for a nice image.

7 thoughts on “Chatham’s lock

  1. Thank you for writing about John Chatham of Chatham’s Run. I believe he is my 4th great grandfather. Many of his descendants have researched him and we are always interested to know more of where he may have lived. Love the picture and hope to explore here someday!

    • Wow. Very cool to hear from one of the Colonel’s descendents. Glad you found this blog post. You’ll be happy to know that the Colonel’s home, down by the river, is being restored with much love and care to attention. The current owner says he’s restoring the place in a ‘flood friendly’ manner! The mill, just up the road has been thriving all of the 20 years since I’ve been in the area. Thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to comment. D

      • It was a stroke of Irish luck! I just thought I would type in “Colonel” before the name; one last time. I believe this was a nickname in honor of his Ulster/English ancestor and it has caused some confusion. It is very exciting for us to know someone knows of a house! Thank you again. Ted

    • Thanks. I love it when a professional tells me I might be doing something right. The light was really poor but the D600 managed it … something about that FX sensor! I’ve been keeping track of all of your posts – your are indeed a BUSY person – how do you find time to eat and sleep! You’re amazing!

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