Cali coast

In the same way that our layer hens get out-and-about to forage for seeds and other good things to eat I try to get out every day with my camera to capture new and engaging images for this blog. The passage of Hurricane Sandy through our part of Pennsylvania has prevented me from doing so today and I am composing this post with the aid of a 10kW generator which powers our barns and freezers during outages. Without fresh images to work with I spent some time last evening in my archive looking for one or two pictures I thought you might enjoy.  I was about to introduce the image below by saying that Joanna and I don’t travel much, but the truth of the matter is that Joanna and I don’t travel at all. We have observed that if disaster should besiege the farm it’ll do so when we’re away, and this belief keeps us tied closely to Pairodox. We did, however, take a week away from the farm back in 2010 to attend the wedding of a very best friend in Seattle. We flew to San Francisco, rented a car, drove through California and Oregon, and into Washington State.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time … the wedding was lots of fun too! The image below was taken in Crescent City, California after a day in Redwood National Park fulfilling a life-long dream of spending time with the earth’s tallest living creatures.

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