World’s end

No, this post does not concern the impending landfall of Hurricane Sandy which, as I write, moves northward along the eastern seaboard. We paid a late afternoon visit today to World’s End State Park, along the Loyalsock Creek. The impending arrival of Sandy has made for a week of unsettled weather. Because we have been promised that the week to follow will be wet, today’s trip was the only chance we’d have for a dry adventure for some time. The National Weather Service reported a cloud ceiling at 1500 feet this afternoon at just about the time we arrived at the park which resides at an elevation of … you guessed it … 1500 feet. Although it wasn’t raining as we hiked along the creek bed and wooded trails, it might well have been. The clouds scudded low across the tree tops. It misted. The sun did not shine but there was a sufficiency of muted illumination for Beech and Hemlock to be reflected in a number of shallow pools. I like this image because it shows leaves not in their proper place – I appreciate the unusual juxtaposition of leaves, trees, and water.

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