Those of you who have visited before may know that I have always used one of Sony’s excellent Point & Shoot cameras (an HX9V) to capture the images which illustrate this blog. After many months of asking questions of those who know more about DSLR technology than I (whether he is aware of it of not fellow blogger Art provided a useful wealth of information) … and after what seemed like an endless internet search for recommendations, I finally purchased a Nikon D600 two weeks ago. Once it arrived I spent several evenings reading the manual and working the camera’s many dials, buttons, and menus. For a full week after that I was afraid of taking the thing out of the house for fear of damaging it or getting it dirty. Finally, after another fellow blogger (thanks Leanne) told me to, ” … just do it …,” I finally took the D600 on its maiden journey to Turbotville. I was hoping to capture a real eye-popper but, alas, no such luck. I did get some nice images however of an old structure that was at some distance from the other farm buildings, in the middle of a recently harvested corn field. I took several shots of some unusual hinges which were fixed to shutters covering windows on the first floor. Not too bad for work at the bottom of what seems like a very steep learning curve. To those of you with a critical eye – yes, I should have stopped the aperture down a bit to pull the entire hinge into the field of view. Next time, I promise.

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