It is not my usual habit to reblog the posts of others but I’ve always enjoyed the images of constructed cairns that appear at this site – I thought you might as well. D


It was wet but not raining so I took things a little slower today. I had time to decorate the logs along the bank, a fun morning walk.


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  1. I have been blogging for a short time. But I think there is no greater compliment than to have another blogger you respect reblog your work on their page. Thank you very much.

    • Hey … thanks Gary … I wasn’t sure whether the author of a reblogged post is automatically notified of the reblog. In any case I forgot to drop you a line indicating that I had chosen to reblog your post Taking the time. I think I have told you before that your cairns are really inspiring. Not simply because of their photographic appeal but also because of the time and patience construction of these things must require. On the issue of reblogging … I have only done it twice and both times it was because I enjoyed the accompanying image so much. Thanks for your great work and also for the advice regarding the new camera.

  2. So beautiful! Worthwhile re-blog if you ask me. I like to imagine how cathartic the experience was, lifting, positioning, settling the stones and logs. A positive time, for sure.

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