Ewe lamb #1358 was born to Dinah back in March and we named here Dete. Yesterday we isolated the ewe lambs, culled the flock and divided the remaining ewes between our two breeding rams, Woodruff and Siegfried. Just before all of this I had filled the mineral feeder which had been empty for several days. Sheep are curious. They are reasonably intelligent and knew that the large bag I was carrying was filled with mineral to replace what they had consumed. The flock gathered as I emptied the contents of the bag into the feeder. When I backed away chaos ensued as all the sheep fought to get at the salts at the same time. Because this was not possible many who were willing to wait mingled about and this provided an opportunity to compose a few portraits. Dete was one of those I was able to capture. She is six months old. Some of her markings have faded but she retains the white muzzle. Notice that her fleece has changed dramatically. The mottled grey, white, and (predominantly) black has become what looks to be a more uniform golden brown, or mioget. By the time her fleece is sheared come spring its color will probably lighten even more. She has a nice face and is, by Shetland standards, quite calm. She is a very welcome addition to the flock.

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