Early arrival

Although the official arrival of autumn is not expected for another day or so the signs, both vegetable and animal, would suggest that it is already here. The corn and soybeans have dried down, hints of color have developed among trees dotting the high hilltops, and the animals have fattened and demonstrated that breeding season might be just around the corner. Our daytime temperatures rise into the 70s while nighttime lows dip into the 40s. This cycle of the seasons brings with it welcome changes in routine. Haymaking is over, haybine, rake, and balers have been cleaned, greased, and are under cover. I cleaned the big wood stove early last spring but did nothing to the cookstove. It will need to be attended to for we will want a fire in the kitchen before too long. Although our supply of firewood seems sufficient I called Skipper last night to ask if he might be able to supply a few poles to be cut into shorts as insurance against a very cold winter. We welcomed rain earlier in the week for it will augment the water table which had begun to drop. Pigs went to slaughter on Monday and we are anticipating having to feed the bees as summer’s last blossoms begin to fall. Pairodox continues to keep us busy, but the particulars of the routine have changed. Change is good, and it is here.

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