Constructed cairn

We felt the need for a walk, away from the farm, last weekend and chose to do so along the Pine Creek Rail Trail. The weather was fine and we were glad we had seized the opportunity before the predicated rains would arrive. On the way home we slowed as we passed a section of the creek which I have photographed in the past and blogged about. It’s a beautiful spot which affords a clear view of the wooded hills of the Tiadaghton State Forest. WordPress blogger garyschollmeier has a particular penchant for building and photographing cairns in this way. I have admired Gary’s work and do not want to claim that the thought behind the image below is original and my own, it is not. In any case, I believe the constructed cairn adds to the sense of peace expressed in the still water and reflected landscape of this beautiful place.

6 thoughts on “Constructed cairn

  1. I love this, all of it, the water, the clouds, the hills, and the light. The rocks and the way you framed it, add a personal touch to the natural beauty. The idea that my photos in some small way inspired you to try this ancient form of expression makes me smile, broadly. I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as capturing it.

  2. I’d love it. You might check out Becca Tucker, a friend of Anna’s, is developing a site to sell her photography. She doesn’t write much about her images (don’t stop doing that!) but she’s starting to develop more maturity in her photography and she’ll be really good in a few more years if she keeps taking it seriously. Becca is a Purdue grad, rice scientist and ecologist, I think. She’s asking for feedback on her site and I’m sure she’d love to see yours.
    Hugs to you and Joanna

  3. Are you selling images yet? I’d adore having a set of nice cards with that image on them. Think about it.

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