Quitting time

We passed this handsomely matched team of six (five Chestnuts (one is out of view to the left) and one gray) late this afternoon. They were pulling a round baler on our side of the road and we followed until the driver pulled aside to let us by. Four hours later we traveled the same road home and passed the very same team as they waited patiently, still fully hitched, in their approach to home. If you know what to look for you can make out a large engine on a steel-wheeled cart and the tell-tale green and yellow of a John Deere round baler just behind. We were traveling north when we spotted the group and stopped. I left the car running, got out, and approached. Although they blinked with what I took to be curiosity there was little show of concern and much evidence of very good training. The lot of them stood rock solid, even as I got quite close and knelt low to the ground to silhouette them against the evening sky. Handsome, powerful, hard-working, intelligent, willing … what else can I say … except very, very, impressive.

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