If you keep free-ranging layers you will know that sometimes it can be tricky to get your hens to lay in the proper place. Even well-trained birds can forget and develop a bad habit of depositing their eggs in sometimes very unusual places. Most of our current flock is good at laying in their nest boxes. To encourage good behavior farmers often place wooden or ceramic ‘eggs’ in the boxes to egg the hens on (ouch!). The hens view the ersatz egg as genuine and there is their motivation. Once they have settled down they will remain until their own daily contribution is produced. I had a real laugh last spring when I happened upon a number of nesting boxes at a friend’s farm. I was poking about to gauge production when I observed this Top Flight XL. Why did we bother purchasing a set of wooden nest eggs way-back-when when a golf ball would have done the trick? “Are golf balls as effective,” you might ask? Check out the second image and answer that one for yourself. Many thanks, Wayne and Francie.

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