I have heard it said that the very best photographs are unplanned and truly serendipitous. We spent the afternoon at a friend’s farm, east of here. As we started for home we remarked that the clouds were beautifully white and puffy. At about twenty miles from home those clouds darkened and it began to rain just as we negotiated the driveway. We were starved and began dinner preparations right away. At the moment I pushed myself away from the table and got my mind around the idea of washing the dishes, Joanna looked outside, noticed that the rain had all but stopped, and the sun was shining strongly through the broken clouds. “Get your camera,” she called, “there has absolutely got to be a rainbow in the front field.” Out I went … she was right! Click the image for a slightly larger view and you might see hints of a ‘double.’

4 thoughts on “Oz

  1. It’s so perfect! I didn’t notice the double until seeing Lilly’s comment. Very pretty. PS: I am aware and apologetic that I have a lot of catching up to do here. I haven’t allowed myself the luxury of pleasure reading in a while.

    • Haven’t allowed yourself the pleasure of reading … you obviously need a realignment of priorities. Remember to calculate your QOL every evening before going to bed. Negative values, or values close to zero, need to be attended to. You must know this! If you need expansion on this topic please let me know and I’ll send along my complete set of lecture notes. D

  2. I love rainbow hunting … knowing the conditions are right but you just haven’t seen it yet. Here in town the oak trees keep us from seeing much but last week we had the same weather/sun combo. Lovely to see your image of the double 🙂

    • Thanks for your attention. I know you’re busy – it means much to know you’ve taken the time to look and comment. I hope you are well and not working too hard. How’s your start to the semester? Mine is OK – re-entry problems were minimal. D

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