We have been fortunate to observe a great variety of wildlife on the road down the mountain. The very quick (bobcat, deer, fox, raccoon, bear, rabbit, and squirrel) are off in a flash when we approach. The not-so-fast (skunk, porcupine, opossum, and woodchuck) amble away with perhaps a casual look over the shoulder to be sure we don’t follow. The cold-blooded reptiles have the toughest time getting out-of-the-way. We encounter Black snakes and Box turtles quite often and are sure to keep clear as we pass. [I know there are folks who will, rather than steer clear of animals in the road, do what they can to dispatch them – as sport. I cannot even begin to understand such behavior.] On more than one occasion we have relocated Black snakes to the barn to take up residence in support of rodent control. Although Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina) are quite common in the surrounding ponds and streams we come across them in the road only rarely. The speed with which this one perambulated neither increased nor decreased as I lay prone in the road in front of him. He seemed unconcerned, unperturbed,  and unimpressed. Because Snappers have been shown to be particularly sensitive indicators of environmental quality I was pleased to see such a healthy looking specimen in our neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Snapper

    • Thanks! I have heard that Snappers can be mean and that they have really long, powerful, necks that they can thrust out at prey or at offending creatures. I was worried the whole time I was taking images of this guy that he was gonna reach out and bite me! Given my luck, I’m surprised that that didn’t happen. I was glad to finally get up off the ground and back into the truck! D

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