Thought provoking

I would like to thank my new blogging acquaintance Tom at wayne street soul for his kindness in nominating me for the Thought Provoking Blog Award. I accept, with gratitude. One of the obligations of accepting this award is to tell you seven things about myself; here goes: (1) I grew up in Boston, (2) I am a college professor of the Biological Sciences, (3) My wife and I have lived and worked on Pairodox Farm since 1989,  (4) There was a hiatus of more than 30 years between being a staff photographer for my high school news paper and taking up the hobby of photography once again a year or so ago, (5) [For those who know the once popular TV series The West Wing, which aired between 1999 – 2006 … ] I fancy myself to be very much like the character Toby Ziegler, (6) I have a genuine addiction to morning coffee [And not just any coffee mind you. For those of you here in the US perhaps you will understand when I reveal that my particular addiction is to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.], and (7) I enjoy writing, don’t believe I’m very good at it, but work very hard (with Joanna’s kind editorial assistance) to make my blog an interesting place to visit. As a recipient of this award it is also my responsibility to nominate a few of my favorite blogs for the same. Therefore I nominate the following WordPress blogs to receive the Thought Provoking Blog Award: Wing and a Prayer Farm, diannegrayShe Kept A Parrot, Leanne Cole’s Photography Field Trips, Photosteam, and Appropriately Frayed. Since establishing this Pairodox blog just eight months ago these blogs have been ongoing sources of support, constructive feedback, and motivation. The efforts of their authors are very much appreciated. Thanks to all the folks at and to all those who comprise the WordPress blogosphere for making blogging the enjoyable experience it has been.

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