Tobacco shed

As I made my way to town I noticed that an aging tobacco shed I knew had received a facelift … the surrounding ground had been graded and seeded to grass. I took these events as a call to investigate a structure I had passed many times without stopping to explore. The tobacco barn was once essential to the tobacco harvest here in Pennsylvania and across the south. These mammoth sheds, once numerous, are now rapidly going the way of the Dodo. Although the shed below no longer houses leaf many of the horizontal members, which supported the lath (tobacco sticks) from which the tobacco hung, are still in place. If you look closely at the first image you can make out the hinges and latches of the doors,  running footer-to-eaves, which allowed for ventilating air to pass through the hanging crop. Many of our local Amish continue to raise tobacco as a ready-cash crop, though on a very small scale.

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