Shadow at sunrise

We were up early to get to the scenic Hyner overlook before the morning mists burned off. It was just before seven when, with the rising sun at my back, I was greeted at the barn by this magnificent view. The shadow, as it appears now, would not have presented itself in just this way before the storm of August 26 when the top of the white pine snapped, in an instant, thirty feet from the ground. The shadow shows what is now the jagged tree top. We arrived at Hyner (one of Pennsylvania’s twenty Must-See State Parks) when it was still fully enveloped in mist (even 1300 feet above the valley floor). We walked about for a while when, just as we were preparing to leave, the mists rose to reveal the Susquehanna river valley below. Migrate back to Pairodox soon – Hyner View will be the focus of this blog’s next post. By the way, work on the farm continues; we separated our new breeding ram lamb, Siegfried, from the ewes and wethers. He got along well with our older rams, Henry and Woodruff, who seemed to know that he was young and no threat to their dominance – they both pushed him about a bit but saved him the trouble of butting heads.

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