After the aftermath

Those who follow this farm blog will know that we experienced some very heavy weather here a bit more than three weeks ago. Many majestic trees (pine, cedar, mulberry, yellow wood, chestnut, willow, cherry, apple, and peach) were lost or heavily damaged. One tree fell across the high tension cables while another collapsed across power lines running between the barn and the house. This latter event prevented us from easily using the generator to keep our stores of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry frozen – we managed however. The first order of business was to cut the trunks and large limbs into shorts to be used as firewood – that was the easy part. Next, we used a chipper to turn most of the remaining debris into a very large pile of sweet-smelling mulch (almost entirely pine and white cedar) to be used in the flower gardens next spring. Today we tidied up with the leaf blower and rake. The grounds have been restored but our view has been altered substantially. Although the folks from the power company (who came up the drive the other day to talk to us about clearing vegetation from about the power lines that cross our property) wouldn’t understand … we miss our trees.

2 thoughts on “After the aftermath

  1. Wow! I am sorry for the loss of your trees, but thankful that the barns and the house were unscathed.

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