A few of my favorite things

Because I commented about our local 4H poultry show I thought it appropriate that I should tell you a bit more of this year’s fair delights. Although ours is an especially small county fair it does have amusements and to ride them was a very special treat for our kids when they were young. The rides cater to the smallest of attendees. Other than the Ferris Wheel, which makes an annual appearance, the assortment of rides varies from year-to-year and may include Tea Cups, a very small Roller Coaster, a Fun House, and perhaps a Boat coaster. The highlight of the week for 4Hers completing livestock projects is the auction which is held on Saturday evening. The final product of each and every project is sold to the public at open auction. Buyers may elect to bring their purchase home (for the freezer) or sell it back to the fair at market value. You may be interested to know that animals sell significantly above market at this very special auction (proceeds contribute to the college funds of many 4Hers). If a buyer should choose to return an animal to the fair the only expense he or she incurs is the difference between the winning bid and the market, the fair then sells the animal to a packer at market value and all parties are squared. In either case the 4Her brings home the bid price. The very particular highlight of my week at the fair is a once-a-year-Hewlett’s-hot-sausage. I really do look forward to this ritual – so delicious. Sausages are offered for sale every day of fair week but I am careful to indulge only on the last night – my middle-aged gastrointestinal tract dictates that this is so. The roll sausages are cooked on an open grill alongside onions and green and red pepper. Once ordered, a portion of sausage is cut from the roll. This, along with the onions and peppers, is deposited into a hotdog roll and that’s it – pure peptic nirvana.

8 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. Don’t you find you miss the kids being small and doing such fun things together? Dave, your photography of oxidized metals incorporating both texture and ‘shine’ is just amazing. I love those photos the best.

    • Coming from an artist the comment about the photos has real meaning. Joanna wonders how old the boats really are – she would estimate they are of her own vintage. Regarding your other comment – I suppose I miss (rarely) the kids being small – but I don’t believe that I miss the chaos of fair week … do you? I very much enjoy going, and then being able to go home! You’ll have to touch base with Joanna sometime – to talk about your lovely (older) daughter – she was wonderful in Switzerland. Really. She was a wonderful guest and tremendous help (in many ways). A real (genuine) pleasure to have around – and that’s something, coming from me. She was a blessing. D

    • I’m sitting across the table from Joanna who says that she’ll write today. We don’t have any photos back from Chelon yet. My sister did send along a few and I’ll tell J to post a couple so you won’t lose it entirely. I had my camera with me but didn’t take any pictures as I was way too busy making small talk and schmoozing with those in attendance. Glad you liked the fair photos. D PS: How’s your husband these days?

      • Okay, thank you. I was taking the lack of wedding pictures personally, as punishment from The Universe for my not taking extreme measures to be there. Pre-Mom Sarah would have found a way, and I find that sad on several levels. Robb is doing okay, just always busy with work. We are both working on “keeping our zen,” and trying not to get emotionally involved in things that don’t matter (work). He was supposed to go to yoga last evening, but as he was holding Audrey to say goodbye, she threw up all over him. So you know … šŸ™‚

        • Sounds like you both need a vacation or something.You need to work on that ‘zen’ thing a bit more. I hope Joanna’s note has arrived in a timely fashion. D

    • Thanks much. Just visited northierthanthou – nice work. Photos aren’t ‘bad’ – rather, they’re very good indeed. They show the rest of the world a very pretty (in its own way) place. Keep it up. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. D

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