It’s been quite a few days since I described the havoc wrought by a straight-line windstorm (perhaps even a derecho) which hit the farm on July 26. Phone and internet services were finally restored this past Tuesday (August 7). In the interim we traveled to Switzerland to attend our daughter’s wedding!  Clicking on any of the gallery images will take you to a carousel view; the x in the upper left will bring you back to this post. Enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. If these photos were shot with a point-and-shoot camera, keep it. Unless you are going to do a lot of shooting in difficult light conditions or need long distance telephoto capacity, really cannot think of a good reason to spend the money on a Nikon and expensive lenses. I get photos that are equal or superior with my tiny Panasonic Lumix LX5 as I do with my Nikon D300 and her lenses that cost twice the price of the little Lumix camera! Your eye is superb. That’s what counts. I am consistently astounded by the quality of your photographs … as I was by the first ones I saw! 🙂

  2. Stunning photos – thanks for suggesting that I check them out! I have not spent much time in Switzerland … now I’ve got some inspiration to go back again!

    • Yeah Switzerland was a very pretty and interesting place to visit – but I don’t think I could live there. Do you know the toy manufacturer Brio? If so, I saw Switzerland as a little Brio country! Everything was a little too orderly. A little too uniform. A little too pretty – if you know what I mean? There wasn’t a single thing out-of-place … kinda weird. Thanks for the visit and comment. D

  3. Oh so gorgeous. Makes me want to land there, myself! I especially love the colorful windows. Thanks so much for sharing – your blog always provides enough education to help me justify the visits, but enough all-round beauty to make me feel like I’m right there, experiencing small and large moments right along with Pairodox!

    • I’m blushing … and very appreciative of your thoughtful comment. Switzerland was nice, very nice, but as the saying goes … I wouldn’t want to live there. Your own blog posts would suggest that you’ve been very busy up there in Vermont. I’m glad that your fruit harvests have been strong and that you haven’t been experiencing the drought conditions that others are suffering through. Each and every one of your images of pies, finished and under construction, make my mouth water. As I sit at the kitchen table this morning the rain is coming down yet AGAIN. We’ve got to get our (very small) second cut of hay in but it’s been wet, wet, wet. I should be, and am, grateful. Thanks for being my most dedicated follower – you’re the best.

    • Thanks. The SONY HX9V is a nice camera. I am thinking about upgrading to a DSLR; the FX versus DX (Nikon) decision is vexing – do you have opinions there? The wedding was very nice. Switzerland was beautiful – but, as the saying goes, a nice place to visit but I don’t think I’d like to live there … so expensive. Glad to be back on the farm. D

      • I am so a Canon girl that I am not able to give Nikon advice. I’ve been lovin my iphone lately too. Really any camera that fits your hands well and is easy to locate the important buttons and is a DSLR will do well. I love Europe, especially that the people in the countries I’ve visited all seem to be more conscious of the environment and eating healthy food in reasonable amounts. But there’s something about home …

    • Yup … these are just the ‘pretty’ ones I took with my point & shoot. The official wedding photos are still in the pipeline. Go to Chelon’s Facebook page and you can see a couple that she’s posted. Glad you think these are nice though. J showed me the Audrey videos – they were wonderful. Nice job. D

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