Because something is always happening here at the farm, WordPress contributions are often a daily event. Those of you who are regular followers may have found it unusual therefore that Pairodox has been quiet since early Thursday morning. The image below gives you some idea of what transpired that same day. Late in the afternoon we experienced a wind event (associated with a weather front which spawned tornadoes elsewhere in our area) which took down a number of majestic Pine, Cedar, and Mulberry trees. The calamity resulted in the simultaneous loss of more 1000′ of high-tension power cable, two pole transformers, as well as phone and internet access. Farmhouse, barns and outbuildings, and all of the animals are fine. The good folks at the phone company do not anticipate being able to restore our service for more than a week. Although I am not one of those who suffers from separation anxiety when denied access to the internet I wanted to reassure followers that Pairodox has not disappeared and we will be back as soon as we are once again connected to the world wide web.  By that time there should be lots to catch up on.

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