Memorable gift

I am always eager to scan the variety of Freshly Pressed blogs at WordPress each day so today, with much anticipation,  I clicked the blog highlighted by a post entitled A lemon peeler for my love: a history of relationships through gifts. It began … If you’ve ever questioned your man’s love for you, just take a look at the presents that you’ve received from him during the course of your relationship. I stopped to considered the gifts I have purchased for Joanna over the years and began to feel a bit uneasy. She has always said, “I like gifts that are useful. I like having good tools that make my work easier. What would I do with jewelry anyway? I don’t need useless stuff.” I’ve always taken her at her word, and to that end have endeavored to purchase gifts which are thoughtful, in the most literal of senses. One year I bought her a Jersey cow. There was the fruit picker. A cherry pitter. A pressure canner. A tomato strainer. Innumerable pairs of socks. And, of course, any number of spinning and weaving accessories. But then there is the gift that no one will let me forget. One year, for Christmas, I gave Joanna a lung scraper (the scary looking thing in the image below). Let me explain. I have posted before about raising and butchering meat birds for our freezer. Joanna and I have a very carefully arranged division of labor on butchering day. I do the killing, scalding, plucking, and gutting … and Joanna does the cleaning, cutting, and packaging. She begins her work by removing any of the organs that I have neglected to remove … and this always includes the lungs.  I don’t know how many of you have ever tried to remove a set of lungs from deep within the thoracic cavity of a chicken … but I can tell you that it isn’t easy. Joanna says it rips her finger tips. So, when I first came across a lung scraper in a catalog, I knew she should have one. It was a thoughtful gift … a useful gift … a useful tool that she would enjoy using. Right? Well, she does use it. But perhaps it wasn’t the most romantic gift … but, I repeat, it was very thoughtful. The Freshly Pressed blog post continued … If the gifts that I’ve received from my [loved ones] are supposed to represent their feelings towards me, then their message is unanimously loud and clear – clean, mend, or cook something. Perhaps the lung scraper was a really bad idea?

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