Magic bus

Our round baler is a vintage Vermeer Model 605C. It was manufactured in 1973 and, because of its age, tends to need replacement parts quite often. You’d think that would be a problem for an almost 40-year-old piece of farm machinery – but it isn’t thanks to the large number of businesses around the country that specialize in collecting these old birds and offering their parts for sale. Recently I was able to purchase a bearing housing, bearing, and sprocket for one of the Vermeer’s drive rollers. [If you’re interested, check out the website of the purveyor of these parts, and many others, at Mikes Equipment Company.] In addition to salvage yards dedicated to farm equipment there are also yards which cater to those looking for automotive parts. It’s always cheaper to purchase a used transmission, for example, for any particular year, make, and model then it is to purchase a new one. In addition to a large number of active auto salvage yards in our area, this part of Pennsylvania seems to be particularly littered with an unusually large number of neglected and decaying yards as well. They do lend themselves to early morning photo safaris however; the image below was captured this morning.

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