Shifting gears

Last time I reported on the weather we were experiencing nearly record-breaking high temperatures. [Records were tied in Harrisburg on July 8 (101°F) and in Williamsport  on July 18 (98°F).] Since then things have moderated a very little bit. We have received some moisture and remain quite warm and humid. The thunder showers that moved through last evening ended so abruptly that the line between stormy and clear skies was evident in the hills in the west. The pace of farm life has settled down just a bit. The hay is in, the meat birds are in the freezer, feeder pigs and lambs are growing well on green pastures, the bees are foraging ample nectar flows, and we have harvested sugar-snap peas and beans from the garden. With a number of these season hurdles negotiated, time for long neglected projects has become available. I have been working to restore a 1942 Farmall H tractor since 2008; the last few weeks have been partly occupied by grinding away 70 years of rust, a little paint, and significant accumulations of grease and oil. Lots of hard work and coats of primer and of International Red #2150 are having their affects, albeit at a glacial speed.

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