1942 Farmall H

I mentioned that I was working to restore a 1942 Farmall H, here are a few details. International Harvester built the H from 1939 until 1953. According to sales literature of the time this lettered model was an ideal, all-purpose tractor for diversified farms up to 160 acres, or for specialized farms raising row crops such as potatoes or sugar beets. It pulls two 14-inch bottoms, cultivates up to 35 acres of row crops a day, and speeds up other farm jobs in proportion. The lettered tractor series, well built and affordable, became not only a defining product line for International Harvester, but has become an iconic symbol of the prototypical American farm tractor. Many of these machines are still in operation and working as hard as ever. More than 350,000 were produced and ours bears the Serial #108089. When it was first manufactured the H was fitted with all-steel wheels. One unusual aspect of this H is that although both front and rear wheels originally supported steel rims these were torched and replaced with rims which now support rubber tires. I am glad to have been able to find a machine sporting this configuration. I intend to provide not-so-regular updates on the progress of the restoration – keep in touch.

July, 2008: The H on the day it was purchased.

July, 2010: The H after two years of deconstruction.

July, 2012: The front end in 2009 (L) and as it now looks after restoration.

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