Abandoned dairy

Yesterday’s post concerned the abandoned dairy farm that was once Victory Acres. As promised, here is a gallery of some additional images. Clicking an individual frame will take you to a carousel view and the X in the upper left will bring you back to this post.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned dairy

  1. I think the alterations here work really well to enhance the dull reality of old buildings and equipment. It depends on what you are trying to say, I think. This place is part of history painted as such. You give us crisp, clean images of places and animals that require no painting. If you understand what I mean. These are really lovely with the effective use of PP.

    • Hey George, thanks for your supportive comment. I’m really of two minds when it comes to the issue of post processing. A bit of ‘help’ sometimes really makes an otherwise dull image come alive – gives it a totally different feel. Other times I feel like I’m violating some kind of natural law … Thou Shalt Not Alter Images! If one considers the images as ‘art’ then … so be it. But are the images supposed to represent what you really saw through the viewfinder? Is altering the image dishonest in some sense? I don’t think so. I like what the images can often become as a result of the processing. Thanks again for your support. D

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