Abandoned dairy

Yesterday’s post concerned the abandoned dairy farm that was once Victory Acres. As promised, here is a gallery of some additional images. Clicking an individual frame will take you to a carousel view and the X in the upper left will bring you back to this post.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned dairy

  1. I think the alterations here work really well to enhance the dull reality of old buildings and equipment. It depends on what you are trying to say, I think. This place is part of history painted as such. You give us crisp, clean images of places and animals that require no painting. If you understand what I mean. These are really lovely with the effective use of PP.

    1. Hey George, thanks for your supportive comment. I’m really of two minds when it comes to the issue of post processing. A bit of ‘help’ sometimes really makes an otherwise dull image come alive – gives it a totally different feel. Other times I feel like I’m violating some kind of natural law … Thou Shalt Not Alter Images! If one considers the images as ‘art’ then … so be it. But are the images supposed to represent what you really saw through the viewfinder? Is altering the image dishonest in some sense? I don’t think so. I like what the images can often become as a result of the processing. Thanks again for your support. D

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