Friends of ours used to milk a herd of 65 Brown Swiss dairy cows nearby. Several years ago these good folks moved to New York State. Their farm lay silent for a while and then another dairy farmer tried to make a go of it – he lasted about a year. Since then the fields, at what had been called Victory Acres, have been planted every spring but the barns have gone empty. I have driven by on several occasions but have been hesitant to negotiate the lane to walk about. With my curiosity waxing and hesitancy waning I stopped today. The sweet smell of silage which used to permeate the place is gone. The loud rumble of fans used to cool the cows as they waited patiently at their free-stalls has been silenced. The incessant activity has stopped, it was still.  The only sound was that made by the memories which played round in my head. I’ve got more images of Victory Acres which I will post separately.

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