At last

Those of you who follow this blog are aware that we have been feeling the effects of the heat. Today’s high temperature reached 104°F and then, at a bit past four this afternoon, a band of thunder showers moved through. The second image was recorded just two hours later. I haven’t checked the rain gauge yet but we’ll be lucky if it registers ¼”. More importantly however the thermometer is currently reading nearly 30 degrees below the high for the day – and the sun hasn’t yet dropped behind the hills to the west. We are thankful. The chickens are thankful. Every last one of the sheep, goats, hogs, horses, geese, turkeys, ducks, cats, and dogs are thankful. Although tomorrow’s temperatures are predicted to be in the high 80s, the air promises to be much drier. Whew!

6 thoughts on “At last

    • Good morning Jan … thank you for your thoughtful comment. Sometimes I feel as if folks get a bit tired of shots of sunrises, sunsets, and pretty clouds. Yesterday’s work up to the rain and then the rainbow afterward was deserving of a post however. As I write this morning I can hear more rain falling outside. Thanks again for checking in and for taking the time to comment. D

        • Thanks much. It’s interesting that you should mention the fact that you never get tired of shots of the sky. This summer has generated a number of spectacular sunsets. Each evening at dinner I look to the north-west … and I say, “Nope, I’m not going to take a picture of yet ANOTHER sunset.” Within minutes I’m outside with my camera. I feel silly, however, posting yet ANOTHER picture of a pretty sunset – if you say it’s OK … then I will next time a get the chance. Thanks for the liberating comment. D

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