Warm and dry

Early this morning I passed the empty fields from which wheat and straw had been harvested yesterday. It was warm, even before sun up, and the high temperature for the day was right around 100°F. A few short weeks ago I remarked on the unrelenting rain, now I can report that we haven’t had any significant moisture for some time and the ground is beginning to tell of it. We’re expecting more of the same with only a chance of showers late next week. It was so dry last summer that our second cut of hay never materialized. Let us hope it doesn’t come to that and the rains arrive in good measure before the end of the month. Last fall we sold our entire herd of American Milking Devon cattle to folks from Missouri. I recently learned that, because of extreme drought conditions there, they are selling nearly half their herd. Neither hay fields nor pastures have yielded the necessary forage. Last year’s hay has been difficult to find, and what has been available has been expensive. These are hard lessons.

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