River valley harvest

Now that the majority of the hay is in farms in the area have turned their attention to the first grain harvests. Below are some images of a wheat harvest taking place on the Susquehanna river bottom. The first shows a combine moving through the mature crop. After the combine moves through the remaining stubble is baled to make straw. The second image shows baling with a kicker; the latter is a terrific machine which launches the bale into the trailing wagon (rather than requiring that a helper ride the wagon to remove the bales from the baler and stack them). The last shows the completed straw harvest. The whole process was completed very quickly (in only a few hours) by just two people … amazing.

5 thoughts on “River valley harvest

    • Once, when we told my Dad about the hay harvest for the season, he said something like “Boy, you’re really planning on planting lots of grass seed.” First, he confused straw with hay and, second, assumed that the only use for this stuff was to cover newly planted grass seed. That’s the only way he had seen the stuff used in the Big City. You’re such a snob.

      • Funny! I thought everybody knew that straw is also used to make strawberries. Did I tell you about the kids in Plymouth, England who didn’t know where apples came from? Trees! I guess on THAT continuum, I’m doing okay 🙂

        • I’ve got better ones … did I ever tell you about the kid who asked how eggs got into chickens? The same kid remarked that he wasn’t sure there were ‘male chickens,’ cause he never did see one in the supermarket (that is, he never saw ‘maleness’ on a ‘chicken’ purchased from the store). Sheeeeeesh. Please bring Audrey up better than that.

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