Equal time

I posted about a Ford 8N the other day and felt the need to be even-handed in my treatment of antique farm tractors. Below is an image of a Farmall Cub. It’s serial number (26878) tells me that it was manufactured in 1948 – in the second year of production; the Cub was manufactured between 1947 and 1964 with a run of more than 200,000. This machine (rated at just over 9 horsepower) was a tractor for a small farm. Unusually, the Cub was off-set with the driver and steering on the right (and engine to the left). This architecture was called cultivision because it allowed the operator a good view of a belly mount cultivator. [A cultivator is a toothed implement drawn between the planted crop – this action is one mechanical mechanism of weed control.] In its first year of production the Cub sold for just over $500.

2 thoughts on “Equal time

  1. Sorry, catching up on comments right now. I love the grasses in the foreground. Are you going to do some blogs about your reconditioning efforts?

    • You must be psychic … I’ve just begun taking stock of the project. Now that many things have settled to a dull roar around here, I am indeed turning once again to the Farmall H. Joanna is delighted to see it … as am I. There’s nothing so sad as a tractor in need of wheels, tires, electronics, brakes, steering, water pump, radiator ………….

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