Old friend

This old barn lives down the road a bit and I have always been a great admirer. When we first moved here this was just one of many barns which would become familiar to us and part of our landscape. Although the owners of this beautiful structure live out-of-state, a friend of ours had the opportunity to rent it and did so for several years. On more than one occasion she asked if we would look after the goats that she kept there. Because we were eager to get to know the structure we always agreed.  Because we watched these animals during kidding season the does were penned and we never did get to see much of the upstairs; the undercroft is well laid out and very functional. Although the surrounding fields are always rented and planted to either corn or beans, by another one of our friends, the barn has sat idle for some time. Funny thing about barns … they don’t live forever, and they are particularly prone to the effects of weather and time. We have learned, at our own place, that these structures – especially old ones of their kind – need constant care and attention. My fear is that this beautiful little barn will go the way of many which have gone before it and become what some refer to as a puzzle barn … lying in so many pieces upon the ground. These are wonderful structures, so full of experience,  they deserve better.

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